RTProc Terminal

The RTProc terminal is a development platform as well as an application to realize communication terminals. It was initially introduced as a so-called software-defined terminal, hence it is a communication terminal in which all involved components are realized based on software and can be exchanged. As a result, the RTProc terminal is the basis for a variety of communication applications, e.g.,

  • Low bit-rate speech communication over channels with only significant bit rate limitations, e.g., voice over internet protocol over mobile data links such as EDGE or GPRS
  • High quality speech and audio comunication over channels with high bit rate capacity, e.g. communication over LTE, LAN or WLAN
  • High quality audio communication over high rate data connections with minimum delay for music over internet
  • Binaural Telephony
  • Multi-point teleconferencing
  • In-house communication systems, e.g., babyphone over LAN/WLAN

Being principally designed for packet based services (ip), the RTProc terminal is also suitable to connect to circuit switched technology such as ISDN.

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